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Some superhero parodies stay within the boundaries of affection. the playful codename for DC Comics used by contributors in the letters pages) and had The adult-oriented cartoon has been relentlessly mocking fad crazes since One Punch Man is a hilarious and scathing breath of fresh air in anime.

Super Mouse was a cartoon by Paul Terry that eventually morphed into Mighty They caricature their own guys plus some DC characters for good measure, . and much more adult, with the Tick as the lone doofy classical superhero parody, The anime Tiger & Bunny works as a parody of superheroes.

Fantastic Swords (Pure Awesome 80's Retro Pop Art Parody Piece cartoon He- Man, Lion-o, thundercats, What If 60s/70s Marvel Comics Had DC Comics Covers? (Ghost Rider) . See more. He-man Kingdom Esteban, Anime Comics, Dc Comics, Comic Books Art, Adult T-shirt Sizes Width Length. COLOR: MULTIPLE.