Cop in the Hood: Civil trial in shooting of Jonathan Ayers begins - prostitute claims sex jonathan ayers


Another Senseless Drug War Death – prostitute claims sex jonathan ayers

Mar 23, The Jonathan Ayers story was already outrageous enough. The police claimed they announced themselves, but it isn't difficult to see she told investigators that Ayers had in previous years paid her for sex. . And “known criminal” – a two-bit prostitute that they knew had dealt with $50 worth of drugs?.

Dec 19, Jonathan Ayers was a pastor at the Shoal Creek Baptist Church. Grand jury clears officers in minister shooting: Officials claim law enforcement .. murder over a drug deal or having sex with a prostitute is totally bonkers.

Feb 19, “I've never been charged with prostitution,” she said. Barrett said Ayers Jonathan Ayers (killed) was shot by Billy Shane Harrison. Who may.